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The New Mega Tank, Atlantis Mega by Aspire

Have you ever heard a tank system that is Mega not just by name but what it can give you? It's the most talk of town now, Aspire Atlantis Mega! Even before it was released in the market, it has been said that the functionality of this device is what you can read in the name, MEGA!

mega tank aspire

Aspire Atlantis Mega is the new and upgraded Atlantis. It has still the tank system of adjustable airflow has improved than the previous one and most of all it is Mega in size in terms of tank capacity, 5ml indeed compared to the old 2ml. This tank is a Pyrex glass and the bottom is adjustable airflow dial. It still has all the V2 features like usage of organic cotton wicks and replaceable sub-ohm coils. Mega has an optimal cooling system design on the drip tip and sub ohm coils by this you can adjust the temperature as easy as rotating the valve to control the amount of external air. If you want to know more about Aspire Atlantis Mega, reading reviews about it would be of great help. There are some forums and online shops that can give you more information about this device like this link, www.hawkvape.com/aspire.

There's nothing that much new with mega physically. It is still made of stainless steel, the height is still the same, what differ is the diameter because of the bigger tank. If you love the old Atlantis, I am sure that we will love more the new Aspire Atlantis Mega, the bigger tank the better vaping experience. We will know if this is much better if we can personally use it. We can purchase it now in http://hawkvape.com and some other vape suppliers and online stores.