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E Cigarette Wholesale Distributors - Difference between US and China

An electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) is a battery operated vaporizer which provides an experience similar to that of tobacco smoking. However, e-cigs do not contain tobacco but use nicotine from tobacco plants. They also do not produce cigarette smoke but rather an aerosol which is commonly referred to as vapour. As e-cigarettes do not produce the smoke that a regular cigarette produces, they are therefore considered comparatively safer and healthier. Taking in account the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes around the globe, some of the leading tobacco companies have also initiated e-cigarette projects.

Like every other product, e-cigarettes are also sold through wholesale distributors and Hawk Vape is obviously one of the best wholesalers. The manufacturers only have the responsibility of assembling, packing and processing of the e-cigarettes to get them market ready under their name (trademark). The task of supplying the products to authentic retailers is then taken up by the wholesale distributors, who are aware of the various distribution channels, supply chains and demand circles for the product. Since the wholesale business is volume-centric, therefore most retailers prefer buying e-cigarettes from the wholesale distributors rather than direct from the factory. Purchasing products in bulk from wholesale companies is cost efficient and reliable.

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The following 4 brands are the best on the e cig market nowadays.

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Kanger: http://www.hawkvape.com/kangertech
aspire: http://www.hawkvape.com/aspire
Innokin: http://www.hawkvape.com/innokin

For electronic cigarettes, there contemporarily are two leading competitors in the market; USA and China. Both American and Chinese wholesale distributors currently rule the market for e-cigarette supplying because of their dependability, organisation and productivity. Among the two contemporaries, Chinese wholesale distributors seem to take the edge because of their incredibly cheap rates. Efficiency comparisons between the different e-cigarette companies has made it clear that in terms of working, handling, and durability, all companies are almost at par with each other. Therefore, paying a considerably large sum of money for a product, which is exactly the same as its cheaper counterpart, doesn't sound logical.

Most e-cigarette retailers prefer buying in bulk from Chinese wholesale distributors due to the aforementioned reason. One may think however, why is it that the American companies are costlier. A rational reply to that would be a comparison chart showing economic indicators of both countries. Due to its cheaper cost of living, lower inflation rate, and easy labour access, China stands at a better position on various business fronts compared to the US. In a nutshell, it is recommended that retailers make wise decisions about their investment, and take into account the financial aspect before tying up with a wholesale distributor.