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Studio A

Our largest tracking room,

Studio A features six rooms, a visually bright/acoustically ambient space and a large, well-appointed control room with an 80-input SSL9000J console.

Perfect for big drum sounds, strings, larger tracking sessions, SSL mixing.

Modern, open, bright.

The Neve Room

Quad's original "A" room,

The Neve Room features a tracking space with 5 rooms (plus amp closet) and the Holy Grail of vintage consoles, the Neve 8068.

Vibey and warm, this studio also features an acoustic reverb chamber and EMT plate reverbs in addition to it's outboard rack of effects.

Vintage, warm, musical.

Studio C

Pro Tools 10HD based suite, Studio C features a custom desk with easy access to outboard gear and an Avid MC-Mix 8 fader controller.

Perfect for digital production, overdubs, editing, and Pro Tools mixing.

Comfortable control room and booth.

Studio D


Look for something new

Coming Soon!

Currently featuring four discrete studios, Quad was one of the first multi-room facilities in Nashville, offering a variety of options in tracking rooms, overdub/edit rooms, mix rooms, and consoles.  This also allows us flexibility in the overall budget without compromising quality. 

All under one roof with professional consistency.