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Recording Studio

Professional gear, services, location.

Custom Record Production

We can help you make the record of your dreams.

Long Live Analog! Audio Processing

Send us your digital tracks for processing through our collection of vintage, analog audio gear. 


  1. Quad's original Reverb Chamber

  2. EMT 140 Plate Reverb

  3. EMT 240 Goldfoil Reverb

  4. Neve 8068

  5. Studer 800 16-Track, Transformer IN/OUT tape machine.

Online/Remote Mixing

Send us your tracks.  We mix.  You tweak.  We print.  You love.

Pro Audio Equipment Repair/Sales

Experienced audio equipment repair and racking.  Everything from SSL J9000 module repair to a new power supply for your SPX-90.  We can rack up those great old mic pre's, EQ's and compressors, too. 

Neve, API, Telefunken, Quad Eight, ADM, Studer, Otari, MCI, AMS, Pultech, Universal Audio, Teletronics, Lexicon, EMT, DBX, Tubetech, TC Electronic, Yamaha, etc.  Studer/Otari parts also!


Transfer Central!

Being in business for nearly 40 years, we have acquired nearly every professional recording format used during that time. Put our assets and experience to work for you to reclaim your old masters.

In-house tape baking in our Blue M Stabil-Therm oven is available if needed.

24 Track 2 Inch Analog- Studer 827

16 Track 2 Inch Analog- Studer 800

4 Track 1/2 Inch Analog-Otari MTR12

2 Track 1/2 Inch Analog- Studer A80

2 Track 1/4 Inch Analog- Otari

32 Track Pro-Digi- Otari DTR-900

48 Track Sony Digital- Sony 3348

Alesis ADAT

ProTools HD