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Featuring an all-original Neve 8068, The Neve Room can be the ultimate vintage, old-school room with a 16 track 2 inch Studer 800, original acoustic reverb chamber, and EMT plate reverb, or go straight to ProTools HD and hear the sound of this premium desk by itself.

Tracking and mixing on a true vintage Neve has never been so affordable!

"i cut tracks for the new Eliot Morris record in the Neve room. We are mixing and i just wanted to tell you how great it sounds. I love that room."
-Jeffrey Cain

"Hey Mark. I'm just opening up this session at my place and I just had to tell you how unbelievable these tones are from the Neve room. Crazy good vibes! It was a great experience. All the gear worked perfect and I was surprised how quiet and clean the console was. I'm going to venture to say that Neve is my new favorite console in town. Great stuff and thanks again!

Kyle Lee-
Dove nominated and Grammy winning Producer/Engineer/Writer Michael W. Smith, Toby Mac, Pocket Full of Rocks, The Katinas