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Now you can add the familiar sound of your favorite old-school records without giving up the incredible power and speed of digital.  Send us your tracks for processing through our collection of vintage audio gear and we send you back time-aligned tracks for import back into your session. 

Quad's original Reverb Chamber.  (The Big Pink).  An almost fogotten gem. Most of our current studio clients haven't even heard this wonderful, historic chamber.  Built in with the original studio construction in 1970, its unique sound has graced many of the recordings done here over the last 40 years.  You can now upload your individual tracks to our ftp site and we can process your individual tracks or stems at a fraction of the rate of booked time. 

EMT 140 Stereo Plate Reverb.  The original electronic reverb.

EMT 240 Goldfoil Stereo Reverb.  Next generation electronic reverb.  More shimmer!

Neve 8068. Vintage Neve Transformer In/Vintage Neve Transformer Out on EVERYTHING!

Studer 800 16-Track, Transformer IN/OUT tape machine.The sound of analog tape without the investment or hassle.  Send us your ready-to-mix tracks and we will send you back a set of Analog Tape Processed tracks, time-aligned and ready to drop into your session!  You can then pick and choose which tracks and how many tracks want to use for your final mix.

Studio A ReAmp.  Arguably the best drum room in town at file processing prices.

If you've ever compared the sound of a plug-in emulation or convolution reverb to the real thing, you know that a plug-in can emulate the real thing, just to a lesser resolution. 

This is particularly true of reverbs.

Let us show you what the real thing can sound like.